Undergraduate Research Competition

The Association of Private Enterprise Education (APEE) Undergraduate Research Competition invites undergraduate students to submit their research on any topic in economics, political science, history, philosophy, sociology, or law. However, priority is given to topics consistent with the Association’s main themes of political economy, private enterprise, entrepreneurship, economic education, and each year’s conference theme. Finalists present their research at a poster session setup like a science fair.

Past Recipients

2021 First Place
“Zoning and Housing Supply”
Noah Dankner (Florida State University)
Second Place
“The Next Holler Over: An Economic Analysis of Appalachia and An Anecdotal Book on One Appalachian Family”
Audrey Sullivan (Ball State University)
Third Place
“Using Synthetic Controls to Estimate the Effect of China’s Post-Maoist Economic Restructuring on GDP per Capita”
Colin Lynch (Mercer University)
Honorable Mention
“Paradoxical Entrepreneurship”
Benjamin Bies (Hillsdale College)
2019 First Place
“The Economics of the Mom Blog: How Innovation and Public Policy Impact Home-Based Businesses”
Rebekah Yeagley (Utah State University)
Second Place
“Occupational Licensing and Recidivism in the United States”
Victorio Nastasi (Florida State University)
Third Place
“University Pharmaceutical Innovation: Characterizing University-Driven Research Patents”
Molly Myers (Creighton University); and
“An Analysis of the Impact, Efficiency and Alternatives to the CAFE Regulation”
Joshua Brooks and Joseph Bartch (University of North Carolina-Pembroke)
2018 First Place
“Is Bitcoin Money?”
Peter Hazlett (Kenyon College)
Second Place
“Federal Reserve Policy and the Intraday Impact of Economic Re-leases On the U.S. Equity Markets: 2000-2015″
Ryan Coughlin (Creighton University)
Third Place
“PESTLE: An External Analysis of Google in China”
Seychelle Hercules (Wesleyan College)
2017 First Place
“Currency Project”
Keri Lawson (Southern Methodist University)
Second Place
“Analyzing the Demand for Charter Schools”
Clara Jace (Creighton University)
Third Place
“Farming the Oceans: Opportunities and Regulatory Challenges for U.S. Marine Aquaculture Development”
Arthur Wardle (Utah State University)
2016 First Place
“Private and Public Methods of Managing Water in Utah”
Brian Isom and Grant Patty (Utah State University)
Second Place
“Whither the Liberal Arts? An Investigation of the Return to a Liberal Arts Degree”
Margaret Tracy and O’Shane Morgan (Stonehill College)
Third Place
“The Controversy of Indian Labor Law”
Petra Besenhard (Florida Gulf Coast University)
2015 First Place
“Impediments to Business Development in the Navajo Nation”
Sierra Hoffer, Zach Hopkins, and Devin Stein (Utah State University)
Second Place
“Incomes the Senate”
Hayley Conklin (Stonehill College)
Third Place
“An Analysis of Preventive Healthcare through the Perspective of Behavioral Economics”
Eunice Famodimu (State University of New York at Purchase)
2014 First Place
“Occupational Licensing and Gender Distribution”
Lindsey McBride and Grant Patty (Utah State University)
Second Place
“The Black Market Economies in Liberated Cities During World War II”
Garrett Gollehon (Ohio State University)
Third Place
Tyanna Seyedkazemi (San José State University); and
“Why the Affordable Care Act Might Not Be So Afforda-ble”
Abby Herzberg (Utah State University)
2013 First Place
“Micro-Hydro: Federal Regulation and the DeWitt Pipeline Project”
Megan Hansen (Utah State University)
Second Place
“Piracy as a Common Pool Resource: A Case Study of Online Pirate Communities Avoiding Tragedy”
Colin Harris (Florida State University)
Third Place
“Keeping Politics Personal: Toward a Praxeological Approach to International Political Economy”
Amanda Achtman (University of Calgary)
2012 First Place
“The Viability of Property Rights Institutions in Favelas: An Application of Elinor Ostrom’s CPS Institutional Framework”
Kjersten Adams (Utah State University)
Second Place
“Institutional Rhetoric as an Engine for Economic Growth”
Ian Engdahl (Rhodes College)
Third Place
“Catholic Schools, Competition, and Public School Quality”
Juliana F. Carattini and Rachel B. Sederberg (Stonehill College)
2011 First Place
“Freer Markets, Fewer Surprises: The Role of Asymmetric Information in Illegal Prostitution Markets”
Alexander Cartwright (Hampden-Sydney College)
Second Place
“Better off Informal: A Public Choice Comparison of Informal and Formal Institutions”
Liya Palagashvili (George Mason University)
Third Place
“Economic Freedom and Immigration from Mexican to U.S. States” (co-authored with Nathan Ashby)
Avilia Bueno and Deborah Martinez-Villarreal (The University of Texas at El Paso)