The Policy Communicators Contest

The 2010 Policy Communicators Contest invited college professors and graduate students from all disciplines to submit essays on the relationship between public policy and economic growth. It is of particular interest to compare and contrast individual countries, states, regions or major metro areas—why some are succeeding and others are failing. Diverse public policies have resulted in an equally diverse set of outcomes affecting economic performance. Therefore, it is of great importance to discern what lessons can be drawn from specific experiences.

The Policy Communicators Contest intended to reward skilled communication of sound academic research to non-academic audiences. The persuasive effect should be founded upon the support of academic research. Winners were selected based on how effectively they deployed their academic expertise in presenting our best scholarly understanding in a package that anyone can easily grasp.


2010 1st Place ($15,000)
Jonathan B. Wight
2nd Place ($7,500)
Dean Stansel
3rd Place ($4,000)
Craig J. Richardson