Clark-Kent-Aronoff Service Award

The Clark-Kent-Aronoff Award is named after the three outstanding intellectuals who were instrumental in the early formation and ongoing success of APEE. Craig Aronoff was the first President of APEE and for years served as the editor of its newsletter and on its executive board. Cal Kent was the first Secretary/Treasurer of the organization, whose principal contribution was to supply the group with the services of his talented administrative assistants who did the work while he claimed the credit. Mild-mannered J.R. Clark continued that tradition serving as Secretary/Treasurer for three decades while fighting the never-ending battle for truth, justice and the APEE way.

This award honors and recognizes a member of APEE who, over a sustained and continuous period of time, has continued to unselfishly give of himself/herself to the growth and perpetuation of the organization. Individuals who receive the Clark-Kent-Aronoff Award have made the personal sacrifices of their time and talent to see that this organization continues to flourish and to serve both as a beacon and a harbor for those who support the free enterprise system and are involved in programs that seek to see that system continue. The award is given in recognition of the simple fact that the burdens of all within the organization are shouldered by only a few.

Past Recipients