2022 Call for Papers and Session Proposals

The 46th Meeting of
The Association of Private Enterprise Education®
April 3-5, 2022
Paris Las Vegas/Bally’s Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV


The Association of Private Enterprise Education® (APEE) invites paper submissions and session proposals for its 46th Meeting, which will take place at Paris Las Vegas and Bally’s Las Vegas (the properties are connected by indoor walkways), April 3-5, 2022.

In today’s context of a global pandemic, corporate fraud and malfeasance, race and gender issues, policing concerns and calls to defund the police, and rapidly changing political ideologies, we are witnessing demand for increases in state power but also desires for local governance and self-regulation. A pressing question is how to generate rules that simultaneously promote widespread prosperity while also respecting individuals’ subjective values and preferences? To address this question, we must explore a key tension between top-down, hierarchical rules and regulations from government compared to bottom-up, internal self-regulating principles of governance. This year’s theme is an invitation to explore questions addressing the scope of anarchy and limits of leviathan.

Paper submissions and session proposals on this theme can address:

  • What is the interplay between formal versus informal institutions?
  • Which cultural norms promote decentralized spontaneous order, and what values support hierarchical decision making?
  • What rules generate a productive state while constraining the redistributive state?
  • Can civil society substitute for state power in areas such as policing, healthcare, and education?
  • How do we govern situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic with large spillover effects?
  • What is the role of protests and demonstrations in limiting leviathan?
  • How can property rights be secured in countries where government is the main expropriator?
  • When is statelessness more beneficial than statehood and vice versa?
  • What can we learn from the historical emergence of states?
  • What is the scope and limits of self-regulation to create order and cooperation between socially distant groups?
  • Does immigration shift the boundary between government and governance?
  • What rules, both internal and external to the firm, maximize shareholder wealth but minimize corporate malfeasance?
  • Accordingly, the theme invites the interdisciplinary approach that characterizes the APEE Meeting. APEE also welcomes papers on any topic in the broad area of private enterprise.


    Interested individuals should submit an abstract here: Submit a Paper.

    Individuals wishing to submit a session proposal(s) should submit the proposal(s) to the attention of APEE Vice President and 46th Meeting Program Chair, Claudia Williamson: Submit a Session Proposal.

    The deadline for abstract submissions and session proposals is Wednesday, December 1, 2021.

    Interested individuals, who experience difficulty with the online submission process or are seeking more information about the 46th Meeting, may contact the office of APEE Secretary/Treasurer: Contact APEE.


    The Association is composed of scholars pursuing research in economics and other academic disciplines, as well as policy analysts and professional educators. The APEE Meeting explores topics related to the private enterprise system with research presentations and panel discussions focused on fields including, but not limited to, applied microeconomics, Austrian economics, public choice, new institutional economics, and political economy, as well as economic education and instructional techniques. The submission fee for the Association’s journal, The Journal of Private Enterprise, is waived for papers presented at the APEE Meeting.