APEE In Action

Putting Private Enterprise Understanding Into Action

The Association helps others to see the invisible hand in ways limited only by our members’ creativity. Here are some of the ways we do it:

College and University Chairs and Centers

The Association has been instrumental in establishing Chairs and Centers of Private Enterprise in colleges and universities, which in turn develop courses and programs reaching tens of thousands of students each year. Some of these programs make scholarships available to advance study and research of private enterprise. We stand ready to help any school or community start programs which build economic understanding.


Association members write hundreds of articles and dozens of books each year for business, scholarly, and general audiences.


Newsletters, brochures, monographs, and books, even posters and bumper stickers, are published by the Association and its members. dozens of books each year for business, scholarly, and general audiences.

Radio, Television, Films

Members make scores of appearances each year on talk shows, news programs, and documentaries. One member institution prepared study materials accompanying Milton Friedman’s “Free to Choose” series on PBS.

National Forums

Members sponsor national forums on critical issues in private enterprise and then publish their proceedings as books. Subjects have included “Business and the Media;” “The Philosophy of Private Enterprise;” “The New Politics of Private Enterprise;” “Productivity and Innovation;” and many more.

Teaching Teachers

Members’ programs that teach teachers economic theory and how it can be taught reach thousands of teachers and millions of students each year. Many members have created extensive resource banks of books, periodicals, games, and audio/visual materials for the use of teachers.

Employee Economic Understanding

Members go into factories, warehouses, and offices to provide economic education for blue and white collar employees in union and non-union facilities. Publications and materials are developed for employee economic education programs. Hundreds of thousands of employees are reached each year in this manner.

Professional Economic Education

Members develop special programs for professional audiences—physicians, clergy, lawyers, and journalists—to improve their economic understanding and enable them to more effectively carry out their roles as community opinion leaders.

Entrepreneurial Programs

Members work with entrepreneurs, helping them to start businesses and keep them going. Two members have worked with entire communities to help make private enterprise work for their towns. Other members develop and teach entrepreneurship courses in colleges and universities.

Governmental Action

Members serve in advisory capacities to governmental bodies dealing with economic policy, taxation, and other issues on national, state, and local levels.


Association members make over 2,000 speeches a year to audiences totaling hundreds of thousands.

Reaching Out to Others

Collectively, The Association of Private Enterprise Education and its members reach literally millions of people each year from all walks of life, providing the means by which to see the invisible hand.