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Best Paper Winners in the Journal of Private Enterprise

Not All NGDP is Created Equal: A Critique of Market Monetarism (Best Paper)
Alexander Salter (picture)

Using Popular Music to Teach Principles of Economics: Beyonce's Take on Demand and Quantity Demanded (Best Educational Note)
Leonid Krasnozhon (picture)

Praise and Profits: Cultural and Institutional Determinants of Entrepreneurship (Best Paper)
Benjamin Powell (picture)
Courtney Rodet

A Pedagogical Note on Bastiast's Restraint of Trade (Best Educational Note)
Cecil Bohanan (picture)

Civilizing Society (Best Paper)
Claudia Williamson (picture)

Using Drew Carey in the Classroom (Best Educational Note)
Matthew Holian (picture)

Alertness, Action, and the Antecedents of Entrepreneurship (Best Paper)
Nicolai J. Foss
Peter G. Klein

Making Room for Business Ethics: Rights as Metanorms for Market and Moral Values (Best Paper)
Douglas B. Rasmussen (picutre)
Douglas J. Den Uyl (picture)

Using Video Clips to Teach Creative Destruction (Best Educational Note)
Arthur M. Diamond (picture)

Housing Prices and Economic Freedom (Best Paper) (picture)
Noel D. Campbell, University of Central Arkansas
Andres Jauregui, Columbus State University
Kirk C. Heriot, Columbus State University

Teaching Private Enterprise through Tunes: An Abecedarium of Music for Economists (Best Educational Note) ) (picture)
Joshua C. Hall, Beloit College
Robert A. Lawson, Auburn University
G. Dirk Mateer, Penn State University
Andrew Rice, Penn State University

Short Run Macroeconomic Performance and Economic Freedom: Can Economic Growth Rates be Higher and More Stable? (John Templeton Prize for Best Paper) (picture)
Jody W. Lipford, Presbyterian College

A Taste of Protectionism: Coca-Cola in the Classroom (Best Educational Note) ) (picture)
Benjamin Powell, Suffolk University

What's Wrongóand What's Rightówith Stakeholder Management. (John Templeton Prize for Best Paper)
John R. Boatright, University of Chicago, Loyola

Teaching Economics Principles with Comic Strips. (Best Educational Note)
Robert A. Lawson, Capital University

Entrepreneurship in Post-Socialist Economies (John Templeton Prize for Best Paper) (picture)
Russell S. Sobel, West Virginia University
Tomi Ovaska, University of Regina

Adam Smith and Greed (John Templeton Prize for Best Paper)
Dr. Jonathan Wight, University of Richmond

Homer Economicus: Using The Simpsons to Teach Economics (Best Educational Note)
Joshua Hall, West Virginia University

The Laffer Curve for Amnesty (Best Paper)
J. R. Clark and Bruce Hutchinson, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Male-Female Life Expectancy and Economic Freedom (Best Paper)
J. Wilson Mixon, Jr. and Gary H. Roseman, Berry College

The Distribution of Internet Use: A Cross-National Analysis (Best Paper)
Seth Norton and Chris Fallow, Wheaton College

The Emergence of the London Stock Exchange as a Self-Policing Club (Best Paper)
Edward Stringham, George Mason University

Student Attitudes Towards the Market System: An Inquiry and Analysis (Best Educational Note)
Charles H. Breeden and Noreen E. Lephardt, Marquette University

Private Employment of Prison Labor (Best Paper)
Roger E. Meiners, University of Texas-Arlington and Charles C. Cox, Lexecon

Free Markets on Film: Hollywood and Capitalism (Best Educational Note)
Dr. Robert Formaini, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

Economic Freedom, Globalization and Human Rights: Can We Have It All? (Best Paper)
Wesley T. Milner, University of Evansville

Hangover Without the Party: The Impact of threatened Drug Price Controls on Pharmaceutical Investment (Best Paper)
David Kreutzer and William Wood, James Madison University

Lessons from The Lorax (Best Educational Note)
Michael Hammock, Emory University; J. Wilson Mixon, Berry College; and
Michael F. Patrono, Berry College

The End of the World As We Know It?: Some Thoughts on Economics of Moral Decline (Best Paper)
Michael DeBow, Samford University

Active Labor Market Policies and Measured Unemployment in Europe (Best Paper)
Edward Bierhanzl, Florida A&M University

Accounting Skills Add Up to Success for Small Businesses in Economically Challenged Areas (Best Educational Note)
Dr. Roderick S. Barclay, Texas A&M

Production, Profits, and the Environment
James R. Edwards, Montana State University-Northern

Taking Deming Seriously: Considering the Case Against Incentives
Dwight Lee, University of Georgia and Candace Allen, Pueblo School District

Protectionism: A Public Choice Perspective
Alden Abbott , U.S. Department of Commerce and Gordon Brady, George Mason University

Market Alternatives for Crime Control: Entrepreneurial Responses to Government Failure
Bruce L. Benson, Florida State University

Onyx Music: A Case Project for Introduction to Accounting (Educational Note)
Scott Fouch and Debra Kerby, Truman State University

The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible: A Publishing Odyssey of Free Market Ideas
Ken Schoolland, Hawai Pacific University

Private Enterprise and Environmental Amenities: The Case of Coastal Beaches
James R. Rinehart and Jeffrey J. Pompe, Francis Marion University

Government: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Paul A. Cleveland, Birmingham-Southern College

The Entrepreneur as Hero
Candace A. Allen, Pueblo School District and Dwight R. Lee, University of Georgia

Private Property, Entrepreneurship and Poverty
Don Mathews, Brunswick College

Will Government Policy Strangle Private Enterprise?
Jon G. Udell and Robert W. Pricer, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Small Business Assistance: Do Entrepreneurs Really Need 'Assisting'
William C. Wood, James Madison University

Entrepreneurship, Growth and Quality of Life: Implications for Public Policy
Michael H. Morris, University of Central Florida; Pamela S. Lewis, University of Central Florida; and Donald L. Sexton, The Ohio State University

Assessing Firm Failure Fictions
Bruce A. Kirchhoff, New Jersey Institute of Technology


Entrepreneurship: A Natural Institution?
Arnold F. McKee, King's College

The Seeds of Entrepreneurship
Dwight R. Lee, University of Georgia

The Strategy of Alliances
Tyzoon Tyebjee, Santa Clara University


The Reemployment Demonstration Initiatives: Small Business and the Operative Element
John Trinkaus, Baruch College and Steve Woolley,Chamber of Commerce of the United States

Economic and Public Policy Issues Affecting Venture Capital
W. Keith Schilit, University of South Florida